CSNO has launched focused professional learning on the Guidelines for Specialized Physical Healthcare Services in the Educational Setting and special education information. Over the span of the last two years, CSNO has been busy updating what was formerly known as "The Greenbook." The Greenbook's purpose is to provide Standards of Practice while providing  training to designated unlicensed assistive personnel to care for children with specialized physical health care needs. These health care services may be performed under the California Education Code 49423.5.  Learn Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) as it relates to special education, recent research related to the topic, best practices, and ask school nurse experts questions related to your own school nursing practice. Topics include MTSS Overview and training others;  What is an IEP versus a 504 plan; the role of the school nurse and writing school nursing services into the IEP.  Also learn about module information including  Anaphylaxis; Catherization, Oxygen, Asthma and much, much more. Please note, Guidelines for Specialized Physical Healthcare Services in the Educational Setting Modules must be purchased separately. For purchase information please visit https://www.csno.org/csno-products   The California School Nurses Organization is provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing CEP #04269.

December 3, 2020  3:00-5:00  504's and IEP's  What is the Difference?; 2 hours of Continuing Education Contact Hours, California Board of Registered Nursing-Dorreen Taylor, BSN, RN, CSN

December 9, 2020  2:00-5:00  I Have a New Special Education Student: Now What?  3 hours of Continuing Education Contact Hours, California Board of Registered Nursing-Donna Beckman, BSN, RN, PHN, CSN and Katie Savage, MSN, RN, PHN, CSN

January 13, 2021  Oxygen Module
January 27, 2021  Asthma Module

California Department of Education:
"Health Screenings Mandates for 20-21 Must be Completed"

In today’s LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option Program Virtual meeting, Dr. Tom Herman from the California Department of Education Health and Safety Office, shared that despite that school’s are performing virtual learning, they still have an obligation to meet mandated health screening requirements. Herman shared that school district personnel would have to get “creative.”  He continued to share that rather than bringing in an entire class of 5th graders, considerations should be made about bringing in only a few students at a time in for screening.  He also stated that parents could obtain a waiver stating screening had been performed by the student’s health care provider. CSNO had submitted a waiver to waive all mandated screenings in the midst of COVID-19 to the California Department of Education and to date had not received a response.  According to Herman, there are an array of screening requirements including oral health, vision and hearing that must be completed.  Herman also shared the CDE has been receiving multiple calls about immunization and encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated prior to starting school.

California Schools Approved for Reopening

Sample Reopening Plan   

As COVID-19 cases decline, some school districts are poised to submit a "Reopening" Plan to their respective public health officer, Board of Education and the school community.  CSNO is please to provide a sample reopening plan to help support our school nurse colleagues. It is rooted in CDPH Industry Guidelines for Reopening Schools https://files.covid19.ca.gov/pdf/guidance-schools.pdf
It is important to work with local teacher unions, parent teacher groups, staff and students in developing a reopening plan.  CSNO members may access the sample plan in the COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resource Center

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, resources for school nurses are vital. CSNO has put together a COVID-19 Recovery Plan, as well as pulled together some of the latest guidance, and other resources. We have created a dedicated page to all things COVID-19. Click below to view those resources.

COVID-19 Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics

The Link Between School Attendance and Good Health, January 2019 Policy Statement

Attendance & Health

American Academy of Pediatrics

Role of the School Nurse in Providing School Health Services May 2016 Policy Statement

Policy Statement
AAP Policy Statement on Off-Label Medication Use

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a position statement on the use of off-label medication use with children. The purpose of off-label use is to benefit the individual patient. Practitioners use their professional judgment to determine these uses. As such, the term “off-label” does not imply an improper, illegal, contraindicated, or investigational use. Therapeutic decision-making must always rely on the best available evidence and the importance of the benefit for the individual patient.

Off label AAP Position Statement

A Day in the Life of a School Nurse

Picture​Inside California Education is a public television series that explores the challenges, issues and stories of public education.  Recently the station highlighted school nursing.  Please feel free to share with your school communities.

Day in the life of a School Nurse