CSNO President's Message
Suzie Skaden, MEd, RN, PHN, RCSN

Welcome to CSNO!  My name is Suzie Skadan and it is an honor to serve as your CSNO President 2021-2023.  I am following in the footsteps of our past president Pam Kahn, and supported by our CSNO executive director, Sheri Coburn, also a past state president.  These awesome women each possess unique leadership qualities, and demonstrated these skills with their actions during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Leadership involves the act of influencing the actions of others towards a specific purpose. The pandemic profoundly affected education and school health service programs.  Recognizing the importance of school nurses having information and resources readily available to forge through the crisis, these CSNO leaders effectively navigated the everchanging state guidance, provided CSNO members networking opportunities via forums, workshops and conferences, as well as took the lead in the development of tools and resources.  The school nurses of CA benefited greatly from the impact of their positive effective leadership.

“Leaders create and inspire new leaders by instilling faith in their leadership abilities and helping them develop and hone leadership skills they don’t know they possess.”  John C. Maxwell       

Four years ago Sheri encouraged me to run for the CSNO president elect office.  Who me?!  I was already in a busy administrative role as the Health Services Director for the Visalia Unified School District, and in the program manager position for the CSNO Central Valley section, but had never considered a state CSNO position, let alone the role of future president.  The nudge to do more, (coming from Sheri herself!), ignited a whole new mindset for me and the desire to want to really do more as a leader for CSNO.  The mentorship that I received from Sheri and Pam indeed honed and inspired my organization leadership skills.  As we emerge from this COVID-19 crisis, I hope you will join me in the continued work ahead for CSNO.  Our members, over 1,700 to date, are the foundation of this organization, and we encourage you to be actively involved, and continue to develop and share your own leadership skills by taking advantage of opportunities to advocate and support your school nurse profession.   

The CSNO mission statement and Strategic Framework & Plan 2020-2024 is an excellent organization resource.  Please click on our website Home tab and scroll down to the CSNO mission/ strategic planning to read our organization mission statement and values, as well as our core operating and leadership development plans.  Browse around the rest of our updated website to find additional information specifically related to school nurse practice, including upcoming section and state forums, workshops and conferences.

I look forward to the privilege of being your leader, and more importantly, to finding the many untapped CSNO leaders of the future. 

Suzie Skadan, MEd, RN, PHN

CSNO President